Jim Green Plaque at Woodward’s

On Tuesday October 15, 2013, JJ Bean unveiled a plaque in our Woodward’s café honouring Jim Green for his leadership in the re-development of the Woodward’s site.

The Woodward’s building was originally constructed as the Woodward’s department store in 1903. Commercially the building was vacant from 1993 – 2002 after the department store claimed bankruptcy. It was demolished and rebuild in 2006, after the City of Vancouver—under the leadership of Jim Green—purchased the building in 2003.

Originally a longshoreman and a taxicab driver, Green became a strong advocate for Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Woodward’s was just one of many social housing projects that Green spearheaded.

Jim Green is the reason the Woodward’s building still stands—and JJ Bean is thrilled to honour him in our café.