Tarqui, Colombia Single Origin Coffee
Tarqui, Colombia Single Origin CoffeeTarqui, Colombia Single Origin Coffee

Tarqui, Colombia


by Mirian Yunda, Yobani Ramos, and Yilber Cordoba
Tastes: Clean, sweet, good body, caramel, aromatic
Farms: Las Brisas, La Esperanza, and Los Robles
Varieties: Caturra, Colombia
Processing: Fully washed and sun-dried
Altitude: 1,700-1,800m
Region: Huila, Colombia
Importer: WestCoast Coffee Traders


Product Description

This classic Colombian coffee from three small farmers is clean as a whistle and sweet as can be.

Each farmer processes their coffee using their own tanks and drying patios, and then delivers the coffee to buying stations in parchment. The cherries are soaked before being pulped, sorted, and traditionally fermented in tiled tanks on the same day. The fermentation lasts 18-25 hours, depending on the altitude.

Additional Information

Weight .34 kg
Dimensions 10.5 x 7 x 17 cm