Ardi Natural, Ethiopia Now Available

Ardi Natural, EthiopiaWe are able to roast this coffee thanks to the efforts of Samuel Demisse and Keffa Coffee. Here is some info about the coffee in their words:

“As Keffa’s trademark coffee since 2009, Ardi honours origins. Ethiopia is known as the birthplace of the coffee tree, and the place where human evolution began. This uniquely sweet, heirloom variety coffee is named to honour a famous early human fossil discovered in Ethiopia. Since first tasting these striking beans, Keffa has worked closely with partners in Sidama to ensure the quality in the processing, storing, and shipping of this exceptional coffee.

The Sidama region’s fertile soil lends rich nutrients and deep colour to its coffee. Good weather means good coffee, and this year’s harvest of Ardi is bountiful and flavourful thanks to healthy rainfall during the growing Season.

There are few views as striking as a hillside washing station with more than 300 raised beds full of crimson cherries drying in the sun. After small farmers harvest their coffee and bring it to their local mill, hundreds of skillful workers continue to sort out overripe and underripe cherries…

Full details on product page.


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