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Colombia La Florida

Colombia La Florida

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Colombia La Florida by Gilberto Rojas

Tastes: Raw sugar, clean, subtle green tea
Varieties: Yellow & Red Colombia
Region: Huila
Process: Fully washed
Altitude: 1,700m
Importer: APEX Coffee Imports

This wonderful coffee from Finca La Florida in Colombia is another gem brought to us by Jeff Fleming at APEX Coffee Imports. This lot comes from Gilberto’s main harvest. It’s the perfect balance of clean and complex.

The producer, Gilberto Rojas, is a very motivated and driven farmer who is consumed by the quest to produce quality coffee. He was a successful and well-liked local politician prior to becoming a full-time coffee farmer. Mr. Rojas is a very open and welcoming person who makes all guests feel very welcome and does a great job explaining his unique take on processing. He grows only yellow and red Colombia varietal, which thrive in the cool and rainy climate of Acevedo. The farm itself is 11 hectares in total, and is fully planted with coffee.

This allows Gilberto the luxury of producing 'day lots' during his harvest; this coffee is one such selection. Gilberto utilizes a Brix meter to determine the optimum sugar content of his cherries prior to picking, and he also takes a reading during fermentation to determine the perfect time to stop the fermentation process. He uses flotation prior to de-pulping as a first quality separation. The next step is very unique: he uses a home fashioned centrifuge (with matching home-made pump) to spin the parchment to further separate the coffee based on density. This separation method has the added bonus of removing any leftover cascara (cherry skin), which is a primary defect in grading. His drying is slow and careful with frequent raking of the parchment over a period of 20 days. The cool climate of Acevedo is perfect for this amount of slow drying.

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