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Guatemala Puerta Verde
Guatemala Puerta Verde

Guatemala Puerta Verde

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Guatemala Puerta Verde by Ricardo Zelaya

Tastes: Cocoa, malty, plum
Variety: Bourbon
Region: Antigua
Process: Washed and dried in greenhouse
Altitude: 1520-2000 m
Importer: Common Goal Coffee

Under the stewardship of Ricardo Zelaya's team since 1999, Puerta Verde has a rich history dating back to the late 19th century when the Minondo family, the initial proprietors, ventured into the world of coffee production. Originally part of a larger farm, Puerta Verde has been nurtured and managed by four generations of coffee enthusiasts within the Minondo family. United by a dedication to cup quality and environmental preservation, the siblings worked in harmony, shaping the farm's legacy.

Perched at an elevation of 1,520 meters above sea level, Puerta Verde graces the enchanting Valley of Panchoy in Antigua Guatemala. The farm's name pays homage to a distinctive green gate that has long safeguarded its richest soil, bearing witness to the heritage of producing some of the finest coffees in the region. This legacy is encapsulated in the family's guiding motto: "The Green Gate to the Best Coffee in Antigua."

In collaboration with the owners, Ricardo embarked on an ambitious rejuvenation project for the entire farm, necessitated by aging coffee trees. This renewal effort ushered in new varieties, embraced modern agronomic practices, and instigated a transformative shift in how coffee was produced, harvested, and processed.

Ricardo Zelaya, a fourth-generation coffee producer in the Zelaya family lineage, has been a driving force since 1986, steadfastly committed to innovation and adaptation throughout every facet of the coffee production chain. With a dedicated team by his side, Ricardo is resolute in his pursuit of producing the
world's highest quality coffee. Beyond excellence in coffee, he and his team are equally devoted to enhancing the farm's social and environmental responsibilities, embodying a holistic approach to sustainable coffee farming.