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Burundi Mabago

Burundi Mabago

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Burundi Mabago by SACOBU.

Tastes: Strawberry, rhubarb, cola.
Variety: Bourbon
Region: Muyinga, Bweru
Process: Fully washed
Altitude: 1,754m
Importer: Mercanta


This lot comes from the Mabago Washing Station, belonging to SACOBU, a local cherry miller organization in Burundi, run by three brothers. The name for the organization comes from a merging of the words ‘Specialty Arabica Coffee Burundi.’ They have eleven washing stations throughout the country, mostly in the East.

Producers will harvest their cherries when ripe and bring them to the Mabago Washing Station. The cherries are submerged in tanks of water to remove the lower quality floaters. Once sorted, the cherries are depulped, to remove the external fruit attached to the bean. Afterwards, the coffee is washed to remove any remaining mucilage and debris. Next, the coffee is then evenly dispersed on raised beds and dried in the open sun until the ideal moisture content is reached.

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