El Injerto “El Tanque”, Guatemala Now Available

El Injerto “El Tanque” is unquestionably one of the highest quality coffees we roast, and we have the privilege of doing it every year. Tastes: Concentrated, juicy, cocoa, melon.

It is always pleasure to introduce this very special micro-lot from Finca El Injerto in Guatemala. Many members of the JJ Bean family have visited El Injerto, and we have hosted Arturo Jr. here in Vancouver. This year we are thrilled to offer the “El Tanque” micro-lot for the sixth year running. A micro-lot is a special selection of coffee from one farm.

More about El Injerto

Finca El Injerto is located in the La Libertad region in the province of Huehuetenango in western Guatemala. The land was first acquired in 1874 by Jesus Aguirre Panamá, originally planting crops such as sugarcane, corn, beans and tobacco. In 1900 he began planting coffee plants and named the farm El Injerto. The farm is now run by father and son, Arturo Sr & Jr, the 3rd and 4th generations to be managing the farm. Together they’ve created one of the most progressive and celebrated coffee farms in Central America.

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