El Injerto “Pandora: Reserva de la Finca” Now Available

This is an extra special auction lot from the famous annual coffee auction at Finca El Injerto, Guatemala. Tastes: Peach, tropical, grapefruit, creamy, complex.

Each year, El Injerto’s most rare and exquisite coffees are auctioned off to the highest international bidders. We are thrilled to have won this very special coffee for 2019.

El Injerto Pandora: Reserva de la FincaThis coffee has the distinction of being the most awarded coffee in the Cup of Excellence program, winning First Place seven times! El Injerto used what they call their “Peak Performance Process” for this coffee. It involves hand sorting, separation, and selection of the beans throughout the wet and dry mills. It also included extended cold fermentation in tiled tanks, a 24-hour soak after washing, and very slow drying on raised African beds in greenhouse. All this enhances the flavours and increases the stability and life of the coffee.

The Pandora region of El Injerto was planted approximately 25 years ago by Arturo Aguirre Sr. He brought the Pacamara seed to the farm from El Salvador. Ironically, this coffee was not well liked at first, as it was very rare and buyers didn’t like its exotic flavour at the time. It was difficult for Mr. Aguirre to sell it! Times have changed.

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