JJ Bean Cold Brew Coffee

JJ Bean Cold Brew Coffee Carton


We are proud to introduce a new member of the JJ family: JJ Bean Cold Brew in a convenient to-go carton! (It’s ok, do a happy dance—we certainly are!)

We figured you might have some questions about this new family member, so here’s a little FAQ for you. Happy guzzling.

Q. Which coffee is it?
A. Carmo Estate Brazil. Specifically, it is 100% Bourbon grown by Tulio Junquiera.

Q. What does it taste like?
A. Nutty, caramelly, and sweet

Q. Is it a concentrate?
A. No, it’s ready to drink. Put it on ice or chug it from the carton, yo.

Q. Where do you brew/package it?
A. It’s brewed and packaged to our strict quality specs in Kelowna, BC by SunRype (a BC company!).

Q. How is it brewed?
A. The coffee is brewed within 48 hours of us roasting and grinding it—that’s fresh baby.

Q. How long will it last in my fridge?
A. If unopened, until the expiry date.  If opened, within 15 days.

Q. Where can I buy it?
A. In any JJ Bean café, and grocery retailers across Western Canada.

More info on the JJ Bean Cold Brew Coffee page!