Mchana, Kenya Now Available

Alfred Drinking Mchana, KenyaRecently, Grady of JJ Bean and Alfred of Alfred Drinking Coffee had the wonderful opportunity of doing a story with the Port of Vancouver about how the Port connects people. It was the first time Grady and Alfred met in person, and they hit it off immediately. Amidst all the laughing and crisp handshakes, Grady and Alfred dreamt about doing a collaboration coffee together.  This is the dream becoming reality! 

Tastes: Notes of grapefruit and gooseberry with a long finish. It is exciting.

Through cupping with Alfred, Grady learned that Alfred was attracted to fruitier, plummy coffees. Grady’s favourites are clean, high-grown washed coffees. This Kenya Mchana hits both targets, making it the perfect collaboration between two new friends.