New Coffee – March 31, 2017

Carmo Estate, Brazil Yellow Catuai Single Origin CoffeeNew Coffee Available Now!

Dry processed Yellow Catuai from Carmo Estate in Minas Gerais, Brazil.This dry-processed Yellow Catuai tastes much richer than Carmo Estate’s standard pulped natural Bourbon. Tastes: mellow, dense cocoa, roasted nuts, touch of winy complexity.

Unlike the rest of the Americas where coffee is traditionally fermented and washed before drying, 80% of coffee is Brazil is processed using the dry or natural method. This means the coffee seeds remain in the fruit while drying, becoming almost raisin-like on the patios. When we cupped at the farm, David (Roaster) and Grady (Coffee Quality Leader) preferred the dry processed coffees. They were very full-bodied and rich, with low acidity, heavy chocolate flavours and a hint of winy fruit (quite unlike Ethiopian naturals, which are wild and berry-like).

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