Introducing the Classic Blend Series, with Mocha-Java

JJ Bean Coffee Roasters Classic Blend Series

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Single origin coffees are special because they express sense of place. But a unique combination of these coffees, roasted and blended just right, creates a complexity and harmony rare in a single origin. The best blends create an aromatic and structural experience that is greater than a combination of components. Unfortunately the art of coffee blending is fading into history. To reawaken the art and rediscover the beauty of quality blends, we’re introducing the Classic Blend Series: a seasonal series that honours the historic coffee blends that changed how we drink coffee forever.

First in our Classic Blend Series also happens to be the world’s first blended coffee, Mocha-Java. In the coming seasons we’ll continue with odes to Italian espresso culture, diner breakfasts, and specialty coffee’s Pacific Northwest origins.

About Mocha-Java

Mocha-Java is the world’s first blended coffee, dating back to the 18th Century. Largely an accident of history, fortune joined the first two commercially available coffees: Mocha from Yemen and Java from Indonesia. This mythical coffee established the principle of mixing complementary opposites to create a more satisfying and complex cup. Rich, mellow, and heavy-bodied Java stabilized the wild fruitiness and acidity of natural-processed Yemen. Over time, Ethiopian natural-processed coffees from across the Red Sea offered a fruity alternative to the Yemen, while full-bodied Indonesian coffees could replace the Java. Our version takes a berry-like natural Ethiopian and a hefty Sumatran to our medium-dark espresso roast. Tastes: berries, chocolate fudge, substantial.

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