New Coffee – July 21, 2017

El Tambor Guatemala JJ Bean Single Origin Coffee

New Single Origin Coffee Available Now!

El Tambor, Guatemala is a stunning coffee — it’s a clean, lively cup with focused structure — and comes from a producer new to us, the ingenious Victor Calderon. Victor represents the 5th generation of coffee farmers from a family that has been in coffee for more than 100 years; El Tambor, however, is a relatively new addition to the rich mosaic of farms dotting this region of Guatemala, just outside of Guatemala City. Tastes: clean, lively, apple.

El Tambor means ‘The Drum’ in Spanish: it is assumed that the name comes from the sounds of an underground river pounding under the ground, making a drum-like sound. Even though the sound can no longer be heard today, Victor carries on marching to the beat of his own drum, innovating and refusing to follow the well-trodden path simply because of accepted agricultural practices. In the future, Victor and his family want to continue planting single varietal areas, focusing on new and less planted varieties, such as Amarello, Pacamara, and Amarello geisha. They also plan to build new drying patios, a fruit garden and new tanks for the workers to farm fish.

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