New Coffee – Jan 19, 2018

New Single Origin Coffee Available Now.

Lovers of classic American specialty coffees will not want to miss this gem brought to us by Jeff Fleming at APEX Coffee Imports. Tastes: Caramel, brown sugar, clean and sweet.

The tiny town of Tunja is producing one of the most dynamic coffees ever offered by APEX. The farms in the area grow mostly Castillo varietal at between 1800 – 2000 masl. The specialty program is very new but is growing rapidly thanks to the efforts of the local co-operative, Café Occidente Nariño. So much so that they filled the parchment storage area and had to take over the disco next door to store the coffee in. Yes, they left the disco ball hanging.

This coffee comes from a number of small farms in the area.  Fermentation lasts around 14 hours.  The coffee is washed and then dried on parabolic covered patios and covered raised beds for 8-10 days.

Visit our online coffee shop for this coffee if you’re outside Vancouver and Toronto.