New Coffee – Nov 10, 2017

New Single Origin Coffee Available Now!

Finca Santa Clara holds a special place in our hearts. Many of us at JJ Bean have visited this beautiful farm and experienced the Zelaya family’s hospitality. Tastes: Chocolate, subtle fruit, chuggable.

We have written extensively about this farm in other posts, so we will give you Mr. Zelaya’s words about this special lot:

As we’ve always said, every farm needs different varieties for each of its specific microclimates. In 2011, my uncle, Luis Pedro Sr., brought the first Venezia seed to Guatemala from Costa Rica. A friend gave it to him as a gift in order for him to try it at an extremely windy farm, Candelaria.  Because of its small height and robust structure, the variety was expected to behave very well against the strong winds, and it did. For this reason, we planted 3 hectares in Santa Clara two years ago, which have had great productivity and outstanding cuppings.

 At the very entrance of Santa Clara, you will find the Venezia plantation to your right. Although very pleasing to the eye, it is one of the most difficult varieties that we deal with in the farm, since it is very sensitive to rust and it takes a longer time to mature. We call it the “The Lazy One” because it flowers at the same time as the rest of the farm, but matures almost 2 months later. On the other hand, this extra time is the secret ingredient that allows the beans to absorb all the oils and sugars better and develop its amazing taste. 


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