New Coffees – February 3, 2017


Worka, Ethiopia Single Origin CoffeeNew coffees available now

Worka, Ethiopia by Gelgelu Edema is an exceptional natural process coffee from the famed Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia. This a berry bomb flavour blast, which we roasted slightly darker than usual for our Single Origins to develop more sugars and balanced flavours. Tastes: Blueberries. For real. (Also peaches, floral, but mostly blueberries.)

Eastside: A full bodied balance of chocolate and fruit

Since we’re still celebrating our 20th anniversary, we revisited our Eastside coffee blend. Eastside is a modern tribute to Mocca Java, designed to reflect the glorious diversity of East Vancouver through specialty coffee’s three major growing regions (Latin America, Africa, and Indonesia). The refreshed blend has a full-bodied balance of chocolate and fruit flavours, and though a subtle tweak, we can’t wait for you to taste it.