JJ Bartley One Year Anniversary Party – March 8th

JJ Bean Bartley One Year Anniversary

One Year Anniversary Promotions At JJ Bartley

One year since we opened the doors of our Toronto HQ, roastery, commissary, and first cafe in the GTA: JJ Bean Bartley! Let’s party.

Wednesday, March 8th at JJ Bartley

FREE 8oz Coffee

Freshly brewed French press or filter drip

$1 Traditional Drinks

Traditional cappuccino, espresso macchiato, and espresso

FREE Coffee tasting

Including the Cup of Excellence winning El Injerto “Pandora” Guatemala microlot which is only available in Vancouver and online.

FREE Cupcakes

Chocolate with mocha icing… Do we need to say more?

Google said it’s a 15 minute drive from either JJ Adelaide or JJ St Clair. We say tell your friends and see you there!