JJ Bean Cold Brew Coffee


By Túlio & Lu Junqueira

TASTES: Nutty, cocoa, mellow
VARIETY: Bourbon
PROCESS: Pulped Natural
ALTITUDE: 950-1,200m
REGION: Minas Gerais, Brazil

Product Description

JJ Bean Cold Brew Coffee is now available in a convenient 900ml to-go carton at JJ cafés and grocers in Western Canada.


Freshly roasted in small batches at JJ Bean in Vancouver, the coarsely ground coffee is then slow steeped with cold filtered water for up to 20 hours to deliver a complex and sweet, low-acid coffee with maximum flavour. It’s ready-to-drink straight from the carton: delicious on its own, over ice, or with cream.

Grown by Túlio & Lu Junqueira at Carmo Estate in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil, JJ Bean Cold Brew Coffee has a naturally sweet taste reminiscent of caramel and nuts. The Junqueira family started growing coffee 150 years ago. Túlio & Lu lead the fifth generation of the family’s coffee growing efforts, combining tradition with innovation to make Carmo Estate a sustainable farm dedicated to the production of specialty coffees.

Unopened JJ Bean Cold Brew Coffee Cartons will last in your refrigerator until the best-before date; once opened, it’s freshest within 15 days.