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Tulio and Lu at Carmo Estate in Brazil
brazil carmo estate roasted coffee

Brazil Carmo Estate

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By Túlio & Lu Junquiera

Tastes: Nutty, cocoa, mellow
Varieties: Various
Region: Minas Gerais, Brazil
Process: Dry processed
Altitude: 950-1,200m
Exporter: SMC (imported by JJ Bean)

Carmo Estate, Brazil is mild and easy-drinking with pleasant nutty and cocoa aromas.

The Junquiera family started growing coffee 150 years ago. Túlio Junquiera leads the fifth generation of the family’s coffee growing efforts, combining tradition with innovation to make Carmo Estate a sustainable farm dedicated to the production of specialty coffees.

Túlio and his wife Lu are some of the most generous and wonderful people on the planet. We love the quality of Carmo Estate coffees, but it is so gratifying to know that we are purchasing this coffee from people who love what they do and who are committed to honouring people as much as we are. It is a wonderful partnership and a beautiful friendship.

All we can say is obrigado!