Ethiopia Worka


by Bedhatu Jibicho
Tastes: Jasmine, nectarine, perfumed
Variety: Indigenous Heirloom
Region: Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
Processing: Fully washed & dried on raised beds
Altitude: 1,800-1,900m
Importer: Royal Coffee



Worka is another explosively aromatic coffee from Ethiopia.

This coffee is produced by Bedhatu Jibicho. Bedhatu was born and raised in Worka where her farm is also located. She started working in coffee in the 1960s when the government gave land to her husband. Bedhatu takes great pride in the fact that she has managed the farm operations for over 50 years, even before her husband passed away in 1991. As Bedhatu is now over 80 years old, her adult children have started to become more involved in continuing her rich tradition of coffee production. The family plans to use the premiums from coffee sales to expand production and start an export company.