La Hermosa Washed, Guatemala


by Max Pérez
Tastes: Malty, chocolate, clean
Variety: Pache
Region: Acatenango, Guatemala
Processing: Fully washed
Altitude: 1,900m
Importer: Olam



La Hermosa Washed, Guatemala is picked when it reaches 21°Bx. The coffee is processed on the same day it is picked, helping to avoid uncontrolled fermentation and the resulting off-flavours. The mucilage is removed traditionally through fermentation. The wet mill at La Hermosa is designed for efficient use of water, reusing the water that transports the coffee through the mill and properly treating the water that is used for de-pulping and washing. The drying is done under sunlight. A pre-drying stage takes place on cement patios and a second stage on raised beds. The average drying time is between 10-15 days.


About the Farm:

Born and raised amidst coffee plantations and a parchment warehouse at home, Max Pérez always had the idea of starting a coffee business himself. In 2010, the opportunity came up. The time to “make the coffee dreams come true” arrived with a lot of family effort and a clear idea in mind: develop a specialty coffee farm that would blend tradition and innovation to supply its customers with amazing coffees, while having a positive impact in the society. And so, the adventure started!

After evaluating the potential regions to land this project, Acatenango came across as “the one”. Why? Well, when you have two beautiful volcanoes towering a piece of land that has perfect altitude and mineral-rich soils, doubt immediately turns into certainty. Acatenango is definitely a blessed region, home to great farms, tasteful coffees and dedicated coffee growers who love and enjoy what they do. No wonder why it is one of the only two denominations of origin in Guatemala that have been recognized to protect outstanding coffee regions.

After acquiring the land in 2010, the project started to take shape. The team was formed and the family experience added to an innovative vision facilitated the decision on what varieties and cultivars would be planted, the type of shade trees to be used and other technical needs that had to be met. From the selection of the seeds to the planting, every detail was carefully supervised in order to guarantee the success of the project. A coffee plantation is a long-term investment, so certainty and care in every step are crucial.

The farm is divided in thirteen plots in full production, featuring traditional varieties as pache, typica, caturra, and bourbon, as well as the trendy maragogype, pacamara and geisha. Quality doesn’t come by chance, so all of La Hermosa’s coffees are carefully hand picked and processed following the best practices for the washed, natural, and honey methods.

The quality of the coffees has been rewarded with different national and international prizes in the past years, including the Cup of Excellence auction program. Of course, the job doesn’t stop here. La Hermosa keeps moving towards innovation and improvement.

The quality of La Hermosa coffees has been rewarded with different national and international prizes in the past years:

Cup of excellence: 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
Acatenango Valley Regional Prize: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
Blockchain Coffee Auction 2019: 1st place