5lb Blend Coffee Subscription

$95.00 every week

All the coffee, all the time forever. Sign up for a JJ Bean 5lb Coffee Subscription to get great tasting, freshly roasted coffee delivered weekly.




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Every week, you’ll get a delivery of one 2.27kg (5lb) bag of freshly roasted coffee. One 2.27kg (5lb) bag makes about 25 large French presses (or 150 cups). Just add another bag if you need more. Choose your favourite coffee from our four signature coffee blends:

Eastside (Chocolate, fruit, full-bodied. Also makes a satisfying, complex drip coffee. Organic, certified by FVOPA.)

Espresso JJ (Toasty, caramelized nuts, cocoa. Also makes a sweet, balanced drip coffee.)

Railtown (Dark, roasty, no acidity. Makes a smoky, full-bodied drip coffee.  Organic, certified by FVOPA.)

or Decaf (Sweet, mellow, decaf. Also makes a delicious, mild drip coffee. Organic, certified by FVOPA.)

Shipping is included as part of your monthly subscription fee, so what you see is what you pay weekly.

If you use more than 10lb/week contact your local JJ Bean wholesale office.

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