La Hermosa Process Series, Guatemala Now Available

In this Processing Series we have the exciting opportunity to taste coffees processed in three different ways from a single farm of outstanding quality and renown: Finca La Hermosa in Acatenango, Guatemala. Processing in coffee refers to the method [ … ] Read More

Ardi Natural, Ethiopia Now Available

We are able to roast this coffee thanks to the efforts of Samuel Demisse and Keffa Coffee. Here is some info about the coffee in their words: “As Keffa’s trademark coffee since 2009, Ardi honours origins. Ethiopia is known [ … ] Read More

New Coffee – Jan 12, 2018

New Single Origin Coffee Available Now. This is a “natural” processed coffee, meaning it is dried in the whole fruit with the skin and the pulp still intact. The result is wild, berry-like aromatics in the cup! Tastes: Blueberry, strawberry, wild. [ … ] Read More