San Agustín, Colombia Now Available

The sweetness of San Agustín, Colombia is due in part to producers using a brix meter to monitor sugar levels during fermentation. Tastes: Sweet, subtle tropical fruits. We are able to get this lovely coffee through the efforts of Billy McMillan at [ … ] Read More

Tumba Village, Rwanda Now Available

Tumba Village, Rwanda: We are lucky to get this beautiful coffee from the folks at Crop to Cup importers. Tastes: Sweet, delicate, peaches in syrup. Here’s some of its amazing story, in the words of Jacob Elster from Crop to [ … ] Read More

Mzuzu, Malawi, Available Now

Mzuzu, Malawi, Single Origin Coffee This is the first time we have ever offered a coffee from Malawi, and we are very excited! Tastes: Ripe fig, plum, sweet. More about this coffee This is an AB Plus grade blend of [ … ] Read More