Taste Coffee December 2018

Taste some of Vancouver's best coffees at JJ Bean

Taste some of Vancouver and Toronto’s*
best coffees at JJ Bean!

Taste coffees at JJ Bean, learn about the specialty coffee selection process and what professional coffee graders look for in great coffee. Tasting coffee (“cupping”, in coffee lingo) is linked with roasting: we taste coffees to select the best of the best and find the ideal roast profile for each one. It’s also a fun way to develop your palette and unlock hidden flavours.

Complimentary public coffee tastings December 2018

We host free public tastings at different JJ Bean cafes every week.

1pm Thursday, December 6: Suter Brook
1pm Friday, December 7: CBC
12:30pm Friday, December 7: Bartley *Toronto

1pm Thursday, December 13: Woodward’s
1pm Friday, December 14: Granville Island
12:30pm Friday, December 14: Bartley *Toronto

1pm Thursday, December 20: Park & Tilford
1pm Friday, December 21: Commercial
12:30pm Friday, December 21: N/A *Toronto

1pm Thursday, December 27: N/A
1pm Friday, December 28: N/A
12:30pm Friday, December 28: N/A *Toronto