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The JJ Bean Way

The world’s best coffees are known as specialty coffee and purchased based on quality because they express terroir, or a sense of place.

We source the finest green coffee available, purchase the best tasting coffee regardless of its certifications, and always pay well above Fair Trade prices on every coffee we buy.

Sourcing Coffee

The best tasting coffee is roasted for balance and nuance. Every coffee requires constant care and attention to coax out its inherent character and harmonize acidity with sweetness. 

Freshly roasted coffee is vibrant and aromatic. No amount of vacuum-packing voodoo can prevent coffee from degassing and beginning to stale within 10-14 days after roasting. So we roast to order five days a week and print the roast-date on every bag that leaves our warehouse.

Understanding Coffee

Human relationships are everything in coffee, connecting farmers to exporters to roasters to customers. If the cup of coffee isn’t making a real person feel honoured or happy, what’s the point of all that work?

We have the immense privilege of being the final link in the long chain of coffee which has been lovingly cultivated and carefully processed. We complete the chain by crafting and serving drinks with care and precision.

Brewing Coffee


Voted Vancouver's Best, JJ Bean cafés serve really, really good coffee and pastries in unique spaces. From East Van to the West End, each location has a distinct design that honours the communities we join.

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