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Frequently Asked Questions

Free Shipping Policy

We offer free carbon-neutral shipping on orders over $55 within Canada through Canada Post, and offer $15 flat rate shipping on U.S. orders over $55.

We cannot accept returns on food or drink items.

Coffee Roasting & Shipping

We roast coffee to order Monday through Friday. Coffee orders generally ship the day after you place the order, excepting weekends and public holidays.

Coffee Subscriptions are the best way to stay stocked and save a little with our loyalty program. If you subscribe to one of our four blends, you can save 10% each order. Due to the constant rotation of our seasonal single origin coffee program, we offer a set price based on the average for the single origin coffee subscription.

Coffee subscriptions are fully managable on your end, you can set the quantity and frequency to whatever suits your needs the most.

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Gift Cards

We have a whole page about this... you can find that here.