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Tanzania Lukululu Peaberry

Tanzania Lukululu Peaberry

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Tanzania Lukululu Peaberry

Tastes: Rhubarb, Assam tea, subtle currant
Varieties: N39 & KT423
Region: Songwe, Mbozi
Process: Washed & dried on raised beds
Altitude: 1,500-1,700m
Importer: Covoya Specialty Coffee

Our first Tanzanian coffee in a number of years!

Peaberries occur when the coffee cherry contains only one seed instead of the normal two.  Without the other seed to flatten its side, the single seed grows round.  Sometimes these round seeds are separated out and sold as "peaberry."

Lukululu Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Society (AMCOS) was founded in 2018. Initially, the cooperative focused on collecting home-processed coffees from nearby smallholders. In 2022, they expanded their offerings to include fully washed coffees. The cooperative serves 296 producers in the nearby villages of Lukululu, Ndolezi, Nambala, Mlangali, and Masangula. The cherries sourced from these smallholders are grown in clay loam soil, with plantings consisting mainly of Bourbon derivates: 90% N 39 and 10% KT 423. Currently Lukululu AMCOS operates a washing station equipped with a small handpulper. Looking ahead, they plan to extend their facility by incorporating an ecopulper and constructing more drying tables.


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