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JJ Bean is building a kindergarten in Ethiopia with Imagine1Day

Kids at school in Ethiopia

JJ Bean x imagine1day have partnered to build a kindergarten in Haro Dumal, Ethiopia. Haro Dumal is located in Oromia, a coffee growing region JJ Bean has been buying coffee from for 20 years. imagine1day has prioritized this community because of the high number of children in the community and the lack of facilities. Of 172 children in the age group, only 68 are enrolled in school. The children who attend school do not have a classroom so they sit on the ground or on rocks under a tree.

imagine1day joined Ethiopia’s commitment to see every Ethiopian child receive access to quality education free of foreign aid by 2030. It’s an incredible goal that can be achieved within the next decade. 100% of money donated will go directly to this kindergarten, thanks to Chip and Shannon Wilson’s generous endowment. Join our imagine1day campaign and see how they’ve impacted Ethiopia for yourself:

The cost of this project is $30,000USD. JJ Bean has seeded $15,000USD to begin construction and we are fundraising the balance through the help of like-minded individuals and organizations. If you love JJ Bean coffee, you have enjoyed a lot of Ethiopian coffee over the last 20 years. Please consider joining us in this special project. We appreciate your support.

Here are ways you can support our project this summer:

- We’re donating $2/lb of whole bean sales of Kochere, Ethiopia single origin coffee (launching June 2) to the project, so every purchase helps this project.

- You can make donations at the cash register any time this summer, or online through

- On Friday July 21st, our baristas and bakers are donating all tips to the project. (This is usually where we say we’ll match dollar for dollar, but we’ve already donated our half to get construction started! We wanted construction to finish in the same year that our customers donated so they could feel the tremendous impact of their generosity.)

- We’re bringing back the magnets and postcards! Illustrated by our baristas, you can make a donation and have a reminder of the project with all proceeds going directly to the project.

- Donations over $500 will be entered into a draw for a free trip to attend a school opening in Ethiopia with imagine1day in October, and receive a tax receipt by imagine1day. (Obviously you’ll need to use one of our envelops and include your name, address, and phone number!)

About Over + Above

Our Over + Above program supports coffee growing communities beyond paying producers excellent prices for their coffees. This year we finish a five year commitment to provide education, room, and board to nine girls in East Africa through CHES, and just agreed to sponsor 10 more through 2022. We participated in our sixth home building project with Habitat For Humanity in 2014, sponsoring 50% of costs and sending 12 JJ Bean staff to Guatemala. Our customers and suppliers contributed the other 50%. We are truly grateful for your continued support in these special projects, all of which are only made possible by your generous gifts.

JJ Bean takes on all administrative costs for Over + Above, so your donations go directly to the projects that we support.

Melke Dhare learning before school was built

Before & After

Melke Dhare kids after school build complete