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Every JJ Bean café is a space where people meet and communities are served, with unique designs that honour each neighbourhood’s heritage.

JJ Bean Alberni


Address: 1188 Alberni Street, Vancouver

Hours: 6am-6pm weekdays | 7am-6pm weekends & holidays

Email: | Phone: 604-254-3724

On the corner of Alberni & Bute, JJ Alberni features a mezzanine seating area overlooking the bar, and a beautiful outdoor patio.

JJ Bean Bidwell Location


Address: 1209 Bidwell Street, Vancouver

Hours: 6:30am-5:30pm every day

Email: | Phone: 604-563-2439

JJ Bidwell is located in the West End’s historic Maxine’s building, and boasts a huge southeast-facing patio just blocks from English Bay.

JJ Bean Big Bend Location

Big Bend

Address: 101-8288 North Fraser Way, Burnaby

Hours: 7am–3pm weekdays | Closed weekends & holidays

Email: | Phone: 604-253-7245 ext. 4

JJ Big Bend is an oasis of amazing coffee and fresh baked pastries in an otherwise industrial landscape. It's also the commissary where all of baked delicacies begin.

JJ Bean Burnaby Heights Location

Burnaby Heights

Address: 4299 Hastings Street, Burnaby

Hours: 6am-9pm every day

Email: | Phone: 604-482-2171

With floor-to-ceiling windows and warm decor, you’re sure to find a perfect spot to read to your little ones, catch up with old friends, or escape from the hustle and bustle. Enjoy house-made lunch items, baking, and freshly roasted coffee surrounded by natural light in this gorgeous lofty space.

JJ Bean Cambie Location


Address: 3399 Cambie Street, Vancouver

Hours: 6am-8pm every day

Email: | Phone: 604-558-2262

Located in the heart of Cambie Village, charcoal grey subway tiles meet geometric hardwood ceilings in this bright café. A south-facing patio, floor to ceiling windows, and skylights make JJ Cambie the perfect place to convene over coffee and a fresh baked treat.

JJ Bean CBC Plaza Location

CBC Plaza

Address: 740 Hamilton Street, Vancouver

Hours: 7:30am-3pm weekdays | Closed weekends & holidays

Email: | Phone: 604-687-1056

JJ CBC is our little shop around the corner from CBC Vancouver’s plaza, in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Grab a book across the street at the Vancouver Public Library’s Central Branch and come enjoy a coffee on the gorgeous patio.

JJ Bean Commercial Drive Location

Commercial Drive

Address: 2206 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Hours: 6am-8pm every day

Email: | Phone: 604-254-3723

Commercial Drive is cultured, vibrant, and full of creativity—and the atmosphere at JJ Commercial is no different. JJ Commercial is an eclectic and cozy café: the perfect place to warm up with a hot drink on a cold day or chill out on the patio in summer.


JJ Bean DollartonDollarton

Address: 391 N Dollarton Highway, North Vancouver

Hours: 6:30am-5pm weekdays | 7am-5pm weekends & holidays

Email: | Phone: 778-340-9569

Surrounded by nature and local history, JJ Dollarton is a breath of fresh air if you are looking to get out of the city. A few minutes walk from Cates Park and a short drive to Deep Cove, our third North Vancouver location is a beautiful setting for a coffee pit stop. 


JJ Bean Dunsmuir Location


Address: 425 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver

Hours: 6:30am-4pm weekdays | Closed weekends & holidays

Email: | Phone: 604-620-3867

In the heart of downtown Vancouver, JJ Dunsmuir offers a beautiful sanctuary of herringbone marble, terrazzo tile, and a “gold” ceiling. Join us for your lunch break or hop off the bike path for a trad cap and fresh baked pastry.


JJ Bean False Creek Location

False Creek

Address: 188 West 1st Avenue, Vancouver

Hours: 6am-7pm weekdays | 7am-7pm weekends & holidays

Email: | Phone: 604-559-8965

JJ False Creek is located on the west side of Olympic Village. Enjoy an espresso and croissant after a jaunt along the seawall or day at the dog park.


JJ Bean Fraser Location


Address: 4287 Fraser Street, Vancouver

Hours: 6:30am-5pm every day. 

Email: | Phone: 604-428-3327

With a large south-facing patio at the corner of Fraser & 27th, JJ Fraser is a great place to grab a coffee or fresh-baked treat with friends and enjoy the Fraserhood’s vibrant community.


JJ Bean Granville Island Location

Granville Island

Address: 1689 Johnston Street, Vancouver

Hours: 7:30am-6:30pm every day

Email: | Phone: 604-685-0613

JJ Bean's first café, opened along with the Powell roastery in 1996. Located in the Granville Island Public Market, this spot is all about the espresso, coffee, and whole bean you crave... but sadly none of the amazing food. This is a favourite stop for Vancouverites and tourists alike.


JJ Bean Lonsdale Location


Address: 125 East 17th Street, North Vancouver

Hours: 6am-6pm everyday

Email: | Phone: 604-971-2960

JJ Lonsdale is inspired by the beauty of the North Shore mountains. Cedar poles reach to vaulted ceilings, inset seating rooms offer privacy, and our expansive patio allows you to enjoy the fresh air when the weather prevails.


JJ Bean Mackenzie Location


Address: 2904 W. Broadway, Vancouver

Hours: 6am-6pm every day 

Email: | Phone: 604-423-4113

Find JJ MacKenzie in the heart of Kitsilano at Broadway & MacKenzie. Filled with beautiful wide-plank wood and soft light throughout. Unwind with great coffee and fresh baking in this warm inviting space.


JJ Bean Main Street Location

Main Street

Address: 3010 Main Street, Vancouver

Hours: 6am-10pm every day

Email: | Phone: 604-879-2326

JJ Main is the pinnacle of the coffee experience in Vancouver. Come enjoy the city’s best espresso in a setting that is truly unique, from the retro decor to the high-energy staff, all in one of Vancouver’s most hippest neighbourhoods.


JJ Bean Marine Building Location

Marine Building

Address: 353 Burrard Street, Vancouver

Temporarily Closed.

Email: | Phone: 604-558-2469

In one of the oldest and most beautiful towers in downtown Vancouver, JJ Marine features a design that combines the Marine Building’s historic art deco aesthetic with a modern West Coast café—complete with a mezzanine seating area.

JJ Bean Park & Tilford

Park & Tilford

Address: 333 Brooksbank Avenue, North Vancouver

Hours: 6am-9pm every day

Email: | Phone: 604-984-8630

JJ Park & Tilford boasts everything North Vancouver has to offer: a view of the mountains, a beautiful garden adjacent, and the friendliest staff you could ask for. With a very West Coast interior including a fireplace and private conference room.


jj bean park placePark Place

Address: 609 Hornby St, Vancouver

Hours: 7am-6pm weekdays | Closed weekends & holidays

Email: | Phone: 604-428-5590

Check back here for Grand Opening info, coming soon.


JJ Bean Powell Location


Address: 1904 Powell Street, Vancouver

Hours: 6am-6pm weekdays | 7am-6pm weekends & holidays

Email: | Phone: 604-254-0169

This bustling little coffee shop in Port Town shares space with JJ Bean's roastery and wholesale HQ. JJ Powell is the first location, opening alongside Granville Island Market café in 1996, and features a collection of vintage, antique paraphernalia that pays homage to the history of coffee.


JJ Bean Station Square Station Square

Address: 6067 Silver Drive, Burnaby.

Hours: 6am-8pm every day

Email: | Phone: 604-566-3455

Nestled between the Crystal Mall and Metropolis at Metrotown, this bright and stylish café has it all. Including a beautiful 1920s-inspired Art Deco interior, delicious coffee, plus fresh-baked pastries that we make in-house daily, this is the perfect spot for a shopping break or a coffee date. 

JJ Bean Sunwood Square Sunwood Square

Address: #940 - 3025 Lougheed Hwy, Coquitlam.

Hours: 7am-6pm every day

Email: | Phone: 778-285-5526

Like a cozy home away from home, Sunwood Square is a breath of fresh air out from the bustling city. With decor that's bright and colourful, but still reminds us of a homely log cabin in the woods. You'll want to curl up by the fire with a toasty drink in hand. Oh, and did we mention there are donuts?

JJ Bean Suter Brook Location

Suter Brook

Address: #7 - 400 Capilano Road, Port Moody

Hours: 6am-6pm Weekdays | 7am-6pm weekends & holidays

Email: | Phone: 604-492-3666

JJ Bean's café in Port Moody’s Suter Brook Village has it all: really, really good coffee and baked treats, friendly staff, mezzanine and outdoor seating, and a green wall which brings a refreshing cascade of plantlife into the café’s clean, minimalist design. 


JJ Bean UBC Location


Address: 6005 University Boulevard, Vancouver

Hours: 8am-6pm every day.

Email: | Phone: 604-559-9252

JJ Bean at UBC's campus is perfectly suited to student life, enabling casual conversations, intimate discussions, and group meetings over amazing coffee. The wood enclosed stairs lead to a wide variety of seating options and, yes, there is a huge patio out front!


JJ Bean Woodward's Location


Address: 146 West Cordova Street, Vancouver

Hours: 7am-5pm weekdays | Closed weekends & holidays

Email: | Phone: 604-408-9663

Come by JJ Woodward’s for traditional espresso drink and some freshly-baked treats in Gastown's revitalized Woodward’s District.

JJ Bean Yaletown Location


Address: 402 Davie Street, Vancouver

Hours: 6am-8pm every day 

Email: | Phone: 604-684-9253

A hidden gem of community in Yaletown's tech district. Our spirited baristas make delicious drinks, whether you’re on your way to work or just strolling past the neighbourhood’s historic warehouses. Feel at home with a ’spro, freshly baked croissant, or house-made sandwich.