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Over + Above: 2020 Run For Water and CHES Donation Updates

You have helped us donate nearly $40,000 to change lives by providing access to clean water in Sidama, Ethiopia with Run For Water! In 2019, three clean water points were constructed in the rural coffee growing region of Yirgalem, allowing farmers and their families to drink clean water for the first time in their lives. In 2020, we supported the community of Buluk in rural Bale with a spring cap system. $1 from every still water bottle sold funds clean water. You can learn more about this ongoing project at

JJ Bean also sponsors school tuition for 10 girls in Kenya and Tanzania annually through the Canadian Harambee Education Society, thanks to you. Last year we supported and exchanged letters with Velma Sakwa, Eucabeth Isanjili, Muhandi Diana, Abula Euphresia Muyale, Norah Wechale, Angel Zakaria, Magrita John, Katarina Baha, Neema Nada, Christina Kwaslema, Neema Paulo.

JJ Bean’s Over + Above program exists because the farmers who produce the coffee we enjoy so much also happen to live in some of the poorest areas of the world. While we are committed to always paying excellent prices for excellent coffee, we feel we can do more to make a positive difference in coffee growing countries over and above our basic responsibility as coffee roasters.

You can learn more about our our Over + Above program on our About page.