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Fruity & Complex. Medium roasted for espresso or brewed coffee. (Organic, certified by FVOPA)

Eastside celebrates the glorious diversity of specialty coffee by blending distinct flavours from opposite ends of the globe. Latin American and Ethiopian components provide a foundation of chocolate notes and fruit aromatics respectively. A medium roast, Eastside highlights depth and complexity when brewed as drip coffee.

Components: 50% Colombia Tolima, 20% Ethiopia Sidamo Wicho, 30% Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Addisu Kidane Natural.

Certified organic by FVOPA. Imported from Colombia and Ethiopia.

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Given the number of variables involved in brewing espresso (blend or origin, roast date/ age, tamping pressure, etc.), it is impossible to create a universal recipe. However, over our many years of experience we have come to a starting point that reflects our house style:

  • Temperature: 197F ( ± 2F)
  • Dose: 18.5g ( ± 1.5g)
  • Brewed weight and volume: 35g (1.75oz including crema before settling)
  • Brew time: 25 seconds ( ± 3 seconds)

This produces a “brew ratio” of 1:1.9 or 53% (18.5g in, 35g out). The ± range is provided for advanced baristas to work within in their pursuit of a perfect shot.